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"We all have the power to make a positive difference."

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Do more good!

My commitment to our community and desire to see progress is unwavering.  That’s why I’m asking you to do several things today.


1)      I encourage you to donate any amount today ($5 to each would be great), to the Fort Hill Scholarship Fund and/or the Allegany Academic Endowment Fund.  You can click the link below to donate online to the Fort Hill Scholarship Fund.  Or mail a check payable to "Allegany Academic Endowment Fund" to Allegany High School.  Help our local youth succeed!

2)      I encourage you to support the Volunteer Team at Rocky Gap State Park.  Team volunteers donate over 20,000 hours of time every year and are integral to the park for projects such as building every picnic table at Rocky Gap, to keeping the campground tidy, putting on events and providing support to the park.  Donations can be mailed in the form of a check to “VTI” at 12522 Pleasant Valley Road, Flintstone, MD 21530.  Or click below to donate online.  A donation of just $5 today will go a long way!




3)      Volunteer!  This is the easiest one you can do today and while my other requests require you to give some money (if you only donate $5 to each cause, it’s only $15 to help these very worthy causes, today), this one only requires you to give some time.  My request is simple.  Don’t try to change the world today.  Don’t even try to change your nation, state or city.  Just change your own neighborhood.  Better yet, just change your own block.


  •           Go outside and pick up all of the litter in your entire block. 

  •           Knock on the door of a neighbor that you don’t know and introduce yourself. 

  •           Check on an elderly neighbor. 


Just do some good that helps make your block a nicer, cleaner place to live!  It doesn't take more than an hour, but if everybody did a little more good every week, we could rest assured that our community is cleaner, safer and much more caring.

I know that times are tough for many in our community and that's why I'm only asking you to contribute small amounts and give some of your time.  If we don't do our part to help our own community, we can't expect outside help; it's up to us!  Be bold and make a difference today!

With as little as $15 today and one hour of your time, we can each make a big difference in our own community.  Be bold; we can achieve a great deal when we all work together!

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